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Here are some tips and neat tricks to help search all craigslist and get the results you want! There are millions of ads indexed from Craigslist and when you search all of, the number of search results can be overwhelming. At its foundation, Craigslist is meant to be local; but, using these simple tricks, you can search all craigslist with ease – it’s never been simpler!

Tip #1. Don’t Worry about spelling when you search all of Craigslist:

Everyone makes mistakes when they spell, don’t worry, you will still get the results you want. The craigslist search engine will give you a dropdown list of common searches from which you can choose. If none of those searches match what you wish to search all of craigslist for, just keep typing. If/when you make a mistake the internal spell check will automatically correct it for you and find the correct results.

Tip#2. How to search all Craigslist for a specific item:

Sometimes you know exactly what you are looking for and exactly how it is spelt. in this case use the quotation marks on either side to tell the Craigslist search engine to search for ONLY that exact phrase. (example: “Samsung S3 mini” will give you only that specific phone, where if you type Samsung S3 mini (without “”), you may get results for other S3 phone models and those talking about “mini” USB adapters.  

Tip #3: Be as specific as you want while searching all of Craigslist:

There are a lot of ads on craigslist, and if your search is too broad, the craigslist search engine will give you millions of results. include make, model, color, year, etc to narrow down your search.  Searching Craigslist for “Foundation” will recover many results, from charity groups to makeup to building supplies. But you can narrow these results by including “organic, mineral, dark, etc” to achieve the cosmetic results you may have wanted.

Tip#4. How to search all craigslist for everything BUT a specific keyword:

Let’s say you don’t like blue cars, and you want to search for a 2003 Toyota corolla in any color BUT blue. Simple! Go to the Craigslist Search Engine bar above and type 2003 Toyota Corolla -blue. When you include the -keyword, the craigslist search engine will remove results that had it.

Tip#5. How to search all Craigslist ads within a certain price range:

Using the example above, you want to buy a car but can only spend $5000. In this case, go to the Craigslist Search Engine bar above and type: 2003 Toyota Corolla $1000..$5000 and the results will be within your price range.


Because searching city by city is just no fun


Craigslist is set up to search local areas only, making it impossible to search all Craigslist USA.


Our site lets you search an entire state for the item you are looking for.


Our site allows you to search not only your state, but also those around it.  Search the US Northeast, Midwest, Southern USA, Mountain, West Coast, and Canada


What makes Craigslist so popular when it looks so outdated?

Over 60 million people search Craigslist everyday in the US alone! But the first thing you notice on that site is how old, outdated and, well lets admit it, UGLY the site looks when you enter. Clearly, with the advances in technology and competition out there Craigslist must have thought about updating the look, but no. The site has remained unchanged since it started in 1996. The motto, if its not broke, don’t fix it, surely applies to Craigslist! People come to Craigslist for two reasons, to search craigslist for something or some one, or to sell something (but not someone…that’s illegal). And, despite what we may think about the way the site looks, Craigslist ultimately fulfills the goal we came to the site with – to sell, or to buy.

Craigslist Satisfaction Rate: 

Do people like craigslist? you bet! Despite the horrible news stories you hear and people complaining about spam and functionality issues, people by the masses love craigslist! A review of Better Business Bureau Craigslist file shows that of the Billions of transactions per year completed on Craigslist, a total of only 164 complaints have been filed in the last 3 years. Of those, 30 were due to advertising, 9 due to billing, 3 due to delivery issues, and 122 due to service issues. 156 issues have not been resolved rendering an F rating with the BBB.

Why is Craigslist So Simple?: 

Many users constantly ask why Craigslist is so simplistic and not user friendly; funny, because Craigslist has made a point of being simplistic TO BE more user friendly. The tactic of simple design works for Craigslist. Any body can search their Craigslist city with ease, whether it is a college student, professionals, or even your 80 year old grandmother! The simple design is ugly, but easy to use, quick to load, and that creates a positive experience for the user. The problem occurs when you want to search craigslist beyond one specific city or town, you can’t! Sites like eBay, Oodle and others allow users to search a broad area for an item; however craigslist still makes its users search town by town, city by city. This is why we created our Craigslist Search Engine.

Why can you not search all cities in a state on Craigslist?:

As stated above, the simple designs that work well for some craigslist users, doesn’t allow for a powerful search function to search all of Craigslist USA. Some experts say that Craigslist has done this on purpose as well. Surely the Craigslist Head Office has heard your complaint by now that users can not search beyond one location. Would it not be useful to be able to search an entire state or “x” miles from a zip code? But many experts agree that the foundation behind craigslist is to be local, and to enrich a local community. By allowing users to only search within their city, local residents, businesses, artists etc. benefit first. Maybe you can find an item within walking distance, versus driving 3hrs across the state to pick up an item you like a little bit more. Unfortunately, many locations on Craigslist are too small of a population to find what you are looking for and larger metropolis areas elsewhere in the state have more selection. The opposite is also true when prices are inflated in big cities, but amazing deals can be found in smaller towns only an hour away. This is where our craigslist search engine comes in, allowing you to search all craigslist cities in a state and nationwide!

Interesting information about Craigslist

Craigslist Fast Facts (Some are Unbelievable!)

Craigslist is, without question, the most popular online classified site in north America. In fact, Craigslist has over 60 million users worldwide (90% being North America), craigslist displays over 50 Billion ads per month!

How many ads are posted to craigslist each month?

There are approximately 80 million ads posted to Craigslist USA each month. Approximately 1 million of those are job ads. Approximately 13% of daily users post a new craigslist ad resulting in 80+ million new posts every month! Of those 80 million ads, a large number are re-listings and another large percent are spam unfortunately, so the real number of actual new ads each month is somewhat unknown. Either way the sheer number of ads is simply astounding! There is no good way to search through all those ads without a craigslist search engine. On top of that, there are 200+ million user postings in 100 topical forums available on CL.

How long do people spend on Craigslist?

The average user will spend approximately 15 minutes per visit on craigslist looking at an average of 16 pages. In the USA, approximately 50 Million people use craigslist.

How many Craigslist sites are there to search?

There are over 700 craigslist sites in 13 different languages in 70 countries. Now you start to see the importance of using a craigslist search engine.

How many used cars are on Craigslist?

There are approximately 9.2 million used car ads on craigslist at any one time.

Is it or

Craigslist was started as as the founder wanted it to be a community site and .org showed that the site was more of an organization than a company.   Today Craigslist com and craigslist org are interchangeable and lead to the same place –

An item was stolen from me, how can I find it on Craigslist?

Unfortunately, some people use craigslist to sell items that do not belong to them. Stolen items make up a very very very small percent of items on Craigslist, so shop with confidence. For tips on identifying stolen or counterfeit items on craigslist, click here. You can use Search All Craigslist to broaden your search to areas around where the item was stolen from. Some criminals are smart and post the item for sale in an adjacent town thinking you might see it on CL in your city. Use the search entire state function to find your item. Remember, if you find your item, alert the authorities and DO NOT try to get the item back yourself.

What are the most common searches on Craigslist?:

The list below shows some of the most common searches made on SearchallCraigslist. From the list it is clear to see that buying automobiles is the most common search outpacing personals ads, jobs and community services.

What was the Craigslist Foundation?

The Craigslist Foundation was a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded back in 2000 by Craig Neward and others.  The purpose of the foundation was to support non-profit organizations by offering education to up-and-coming non-profit leaders in the community.  The mission statement of the Craigslist Foundation was “Providing knowledge, resources, and visibility to the next generation of nonprofit leaders.”

The Craigslist Foundation offered tools for nonprofits, an online non-profit bootcamp, a directory of resources, an environmental network, in-kind donations, and other programs.

However, after 10 years of supporting nonprofits and communities all over the USA, the Craigslist Foundation wound down its operations in March 2012. On the official website  a Letter to Colleagues and Friends.” (Craigslist Foundation Online Announcement 01/11/2012.) indicated that the foundation will be celebrating its successes, and transitioning its programs to new homes.

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