Theft and Craigslist seem to go hand in hand these days unfortunately.  Con artists are searching all of craigslist to find high end devices and items to steal when they meet up with you.  Recently, the problem has become so bad that Vancouver Police set up a sting operation.  They posted an iPhone for sale on Craigslist and very soon found a buyer.  The undercover cop agreed to meet the man, and when they met he hit her in the chest and stole the bag containing the cell phone!  Police easily followed the man to a house nearby and arrested him.

The real message isn’t that vancouver streets are safe from iphone thefts, but rather you must be aware of who you are meeting and where; especially when high priced items are involved.  Always use the best practice tips for meeting safely.  Many police stations offer up their front lobby area as a safe place to make a deal.  Be safe!

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