All is right with the world when the coffee is brewing. According to Hamilton Beach, the majority of all caffeine consumed in the world comes from coffee. By the time I’m 60, as someone who considers herself a regular coffee drinker, I will have sipped down close to 48,000 cups of joe and, this year alone, played a part in contributing to the $18 billion U.S. coffee market. That’s some serious brew. My earliest memories of coffee swirl around a campfire when I was a child watching my dad warm his weathered hands around his steaming cup. There was a comfort in my dad’s stance and a quiet joy in his face once he and his cup were united. A kind of bliss that can be seen when someone has arrived somewhere worth noting or received something special. Each morning, just before he backed out of the driveway in his pickup truck and lumbered off to build a chimney for someone in town, Dad would imbibe in his brew. He drank it black. When […]

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