I will have to give this guy a little bit of credit, he has a sense of humor about it all…

This dating ad was recently posted on craigslist Delaware reads more like a cheesy pharmaceutical ad than a dating ad, but there is a ere of comedy to it.  The ad reads”

Have you been feeling run down, and bored?  Filled with the sense that the male population is made up of unemployed losers who can’t treat a woman right?  Did your last date take you to a monster truck show and consider it “high art”?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, now may be the time for Mike.  Mike is a revolutionary new man created for the best women in the Delaware area.  Mike has all of the following:”


And trust me, this is where the author really closes the deal…just look at the list of qualities (the 3rd one is my favorite)

–A steady, well paying job

–His own place

–A car without a $800 stereo

–A fully functioning brain

Mike is 34 years old and currently lives in Wilmington, Delaware.  Mike is not right for everyone.  You should stop seeing Mike immediately if you have a pre-existing condition known as “marriage”,  5 kids by 4 men, or dry mouth”


Hahaha.  Too funny.  Check out the ad below or Search all craigslist for more funny ads!


Source: reddit

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