Been looking for a car lately?  So have millions of others on craigslist and many are noticing an odd little trend….FINGERS.  It is as though the public has completely lost the ability to control their fingers, or feel the need to “point” at the car they are selling on Craigslist.  Obviously, the one and only car in the photo is the one you are selling, so why point to it?

Well, here is the reason:

Apparently people posting the car are a little paranoid and want to cover the licence plates to avoid that info from getting out into the public.  I am all for protecting yourself from identity theft on Craigslist, but I hope these people realize that the licence plate is visible to everyone everyday its on the road.

Besides the “finger” I have seen many variations of protecting the secrecy of the licence plate number…everything from bottles, cans, food and more!  A simple photo edit should do the trick, but thank you for pointing out the car for sale…for a second I thought it was the Van parked behind this car that was for sale. 🙂


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