Alright, we all know that craigslist can have some questionable, and scammy postings placed on it.  There are also many many legitimate posts; in fact as we indicated on the homepage, there are approximately 80 million ads posted to Craigslist each month. Approximately 1 million of those are job ads.  Of those 80 million ads, a large number are re-listings and another large percent are spam unfortunately, so the real number of actual new ads each month is somewhat unknown. Either way the sheer number of ads is simply astounding!

But, if a very small percent are fraudulent, there would still be thousands of ads that are going to get flagged.  This one is no exception.  This craigslist ad appears in Craigslist LA and I am thinking that it probably will not last too long.   Simply put, the ad author (and I use the word “author” lightly) is clearly selling someone else’s car!


Take a look at the ad below:

Source: Craigslist

The ad reads:

“Here folks is a very rare convertible. It has been abandoned inside a dark secret parking structure at Warner Brothers Studios. This would be a perfect car for a collector or a movie car warehouse. The unreasonable owner wants $3800 for it, but in reality it has been sitting about seven years, so I think $1500 would be more reasonable. It does run and drive, and a new transmission was installed. We know it is a four cylinder engine, but information is sketchy and pictures scarce, due to the unwillingness of the owner to provide basic information online. I have this person’s contact, so I can refer you to him if you are seriously interested in the car. Also, join the Chrysler K-Car Club and help us save another K-car at Mileage, who knows? Whether the owner is willing to let someone check the car out in person first is debatable, but you can try. I think if this owner is reasonable, and once he has calmed down. he may realize the Chrysler K-Car Club is a legitimate organization with no money merely trying to save K-cars from the crusher. Don’t let this car rot in the parking garage any longer.”


So just because a car has been left in storage in a parkade at Warner Brothers Studios doesn’t mean it is a free for all to sell.  It does sound like the author has talked to the owner of the car and received some basic information, including a unreasonable price of $3800.  The rest of the ad reads more like a “save-the-whale” speech trying to save these Chrysler K-Cars from the recycling plant.

So in the end I’m not sure what the true intension of this ad is: an ad for his Chrysler K-Car club, a save this car ad, of a scam to sell someone else’s car….you decide.

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