In a latest court ruling, Craigslist is now $60 Million dollars richer after RadPad was order to pay them for stealing content and users.

Source: Flickr

Craigslist got rather upset at RadPad who was using the apartment listings posted on Craigslist and obtaining user info in an attempt to steal the user to use RadPads services.  In a nutshell, RadPad allows its users to search for rental apartments and houses for free.  The big money comes in when those users pay with Radpad to pay their rent online (Apple Pay or credit card).  

This isn’t the first time that Craigslist has fought and won a lawsuit against a company using its real-estate listings.  In 2013 Padmapper came under fire for scrapping data from the classifieds site, and after a lengthy court battle, Craigslist won.


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