I must admit, that when I sell anything in an online classifieds site, I like to include as much info as possible.  The good info to make the sale, and the bad information to gain the trust of the purchaser.  So far, it has worked out well every time.   Especially when the item is rather expensive, people looking at your ad want to be sure of what they are getting, and trust that person is not telling a story to make a quick sale.

Enter this man in Indiana

He decided to post his beloved first motorcycle for sale on Craigslist.   But instead of just listing the quick specs of the motorcycle, he took the reader on a journey of how this was his first motorcycle (though bought in 2015), learned to ride in a church parking lot, then realized it was too big for his 5’3″ height.  He goes on to describe how he got a new bike and a house, and a good rant about drivers vs motorcycles that he encounters all the time.

Source: Craigslist.org

Its not until the very end, when you feel like this guy is your best friend that he gets into the details of the bike and even lists what is wrong with it.  Read the ad and tell me if you would by from an ad like this – he has gained my trust…too bad I don’t ride motorcycles.

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