For a brief moment, I thought that all of my dreams and wishes would come true; all thanks to one Craigslist ad.  One simple object could make me so happy and give me rishes beyond belief.  A magic Lamp with a genie!  It looks legit; after all the lamp appears to be of high quality brass, or probably GOLD given how magical it is.  I couldn’t believe someone would be willing to part with it for only $5.  Then I though, their first wish was probably for endless wealth, so any money from this sale was useless.

The author claims that he had made only 2 or the 3 wishes, that means one more wish to be granted….

Then I read the ad further,

Source: reddit

Awwwww man!  Who on earth wishes for the genie’s death!?  Now all that is left is a useless lamp.  So dissapointing!

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