Well here is a new one, a fine upstanding person in New York is looking for a Lobster Racing Partner to enjoy the age-old tradition of lobster racing around an apartment.

The ad reads:

“Looking for individual to participate in biweekly lobster race. The way it works is, we set up an obstacle course around my apartment. The first lobster to cross the finish line wins….”

Now, before you get all upset thinking that it is cruel to race lobsters and not keep them happy in a tub of sea water, there is an odd twist to this story:

“No worries if you don’t have your own lobster costume, I have a spare (size M-L). Beginners are welcome this month since I twisted my ankle, which has greatly impacted my agility. ”


I can’t stop laughing thinking about people in lobster costumes racing around an apartment.  Imagine the look on the faces of the neighbors when they bang on the door because they are making too much noise.

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