This might just be the chance of a lifetime to be the proud owner of what could possibly be an ancient stone tool; or the chance to show the world you are a stoned tool… not sure yet.  This ad on Craigslist is from a Minneapolis resident who has saved this precious rock for more than 15 years, only now to sell it to the right buyer.


The Ad reads:

“I found this rock roughly 15 years ago along Lake Superior. It fits perfectly in my hand as if I could use it as a hammer or grinder. It feels good and natural when I hold it, almost like it was designed to fit the hand so that I could be used as a tool. There is even a gash in the rock that looks like could have come from hitting something. The item is smooth everywhere else.

I have kept this rock for 15 years because I have always been fascinated by it. My guess is that it was made a long, long time ago so that it could be used as a tool. There is no other rock like this that I have ever seen. I am willing to sell this to right person. Price is $50,000,000.”


Well at that price I’m sure it has already been sold.  By the looks of things, it appears to be a grinding stone, and sorry, but I found better deals on Ebay.



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